Saturday, May 4, 2013

Summer is almost here. Here are 5 fun things to do with your dolls.

1.  Make an American Girl Doll Room

For a bed:  Take the bottom of a AG doll box and flip it over.  Decorate with fabric.  Then place a piece of fabric for the sheet and make a pillow out of cotton balls, two rectangle pieces of fabric and glue the edges together. 

2.  Make a Stop-Motion Video

Stop motion (also known as stop frame) is a technique to make an object appear to move on its own.
The object (doll) is moved a small amount at a time with  photographs to create the illusion of movement when the series of photographs are played next to each other. 

3. Make a Fun Swimsuit out of a Sock

I have found many blogs and Youtube videos on this if you need help.  The first step is to find a colorful sock that you won't want to wear anymore.  Cut holes for the arms and the legs and use the top of the sock to create a halter tie style.

4.  Outside Photo Shoot with your Dolls

I can't think of a better way to spend time in the sun shine with your dolls :o)  Make sure to share the photos with us on Facebook or Youtube. 

5.  Write a Story About one of your Dolls. 

What adventure will she experience this summer?  Will she be spending her time finding ways to make money, camping, or just relaxing?  Will she stay in touch with her friends? 

Credits:  The movie image and bed image are both created by me (the author of the blog).  The sock photo was borrowed from Pinterest.  Hope you enjoy your summer!! Make sure to share your fun with us!  Thanx for reading!

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