Thursday, January 2, 2014

My thoughts on Isabelle GOTY 2014

Girl of the Year 2014 from American Girl

I will start by telling you the things that I like about Isabelle.  She seems to have more hair than other dolls which may make it more difficult to care for, but, also super pretty.  I love the texture and color of the hair. I love the caramel low-lights in this doll.  It is a nice blend of medium tone-blonds. Her eyes are a fantastic hazel.  I do believe that it is the same as the other hazel-eyed dolls though.  The extensions are awesome.

I love all of the purple, since, it is my favorite color.  I think it was a wonderful idea to offer pieces instead of only offering outfits and sets.  I will definitely be buying a couple of the clothing articles.  Although I am not a fan of gold, I have to say that her shoes are super cute and I love how they match her purse.

I think it is brilliant that they have added a third book.  I think the most important part of an American Girl is the educational value of the doll.  It sets the toy apart from others.  I like how she is also a fashionista with big dreams and goals.

Okay, now for the things that I am not that fond of.  Although they have separate clothing pieces, they forgot to offer ballet slippers or shoes as separates.  This almost forces you do buy an outfit or the doll.  I do not like the position of the highlights, I do not understand why they would put them where you cannot see them.  I also think that the blond on the highlights is lighter than the hair on the doll.  If something is made exclusively for the doll; than why would they make it a different color of blond?

I feel like she is way too much like McKenna with light hair, light eyes, and dancing.  I know the gymnastics and ballet are two different things, but, they are not that different.  I would have loved to see something unique and different.  Something that opens children's minds to different activities and different nationalities.

I do not like the yellow practice top or the ribbon tied around the leggings.  I guess some fashion things I just don't understand.

Overall, I think she is a beautiful doll and I would certainly buy her and her clothing.  I just like to state my opinion, I hope that I didn't offend anyone.  Please note that I am not being paid by or affiliated with American Girl company to do this blog posting.

Thanks for reading.  Make sure to check out my Isabelle video slideshow:

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