Friday, May 17, 2013

Let's Compare Ballet Outfits

Pottery Barn Ballerina Outfit $29                     vs.                    American Girl Ballet Outfit $30

Pottery Barn Ballerina Outfit $29.00
American Girl Ballet Outfit $30.00

Since there is only a $1.00 difference, this may just be a decision based on personal opinion.  I love the bows on the Pottery Barn outfit, however, the overall design is on the AG one I feel is a better constructed design. 

I have found a third option by Harmony Club Dolls. Available for $17.99.  Another fabulous option for the little ballerina fan. 


  1. I like the pottery barn outfit,but I think that AG put in more detail and it's a little more realistic.

  2. I like the AG outfit.(: Please check out my blog I would love it if you do! I would love a comment to.... Thanks so much. (:

  3. omg there is a big difference between them american girl is best