Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let's Compare Tennis Outfits

By Tara Lynn

 Journey (Toys R Us) $16.99

  • Pink Sweat Jacket
  • White Pleated Tennis Skirt
  • Pink Plaid Sun Visor
  • White Shoes
American Girl $34.00

  • A sporty mock-layered tank that's perfect for tennis practice
  • A matching tennis skirt with briefs underneath
  • A double-ribbon headband to sweep back her hair
  • A slip-on wristband to keep her comfortable
  • Ankle socks and athletic shoes
  • A tennis racquet and a ball
  • Includes a “Strong” heart charm for the doll’s charm-keeper necklace
My Personal Opinion:  The Journey one doesn't come with a racket or a tennis ball.  You might be able to make these items yourself, but, I really feel that it should have included those two things in order to be considered a tennis outfit.

The colors on Journey one are more flattering.  I love the little visor.  Overall, the American Girl one is a more complete tennis set.

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