AG Shopping on a Budget


Top 10 Best Places to Buy AG Clothing

(Places that won't break the bank)

Outfits range from about 14.99-19.99

Harmony Dolls are the exact same measurements as the American Girl Doll so the clothing will fit well.  These outfits are wonderfully done with high quality fabrics and threading.  Prices a little high, but, the quality is worth it, and it is still cheaper than buying directly from AG.

Outfits range from about 14.99-16.99

These clothes are not as high of quality and they don't always fit perfectly on AG dolls.  However, these outfits are very cute.  Toys'R'Us also has a line of clothing called "You and Me"  these outfits are made pretty cheap and are on the smaller end but an outfit is only 7.99 and often times shoes and accessories are included.

Outfits range from 9.99-15.99

If you shop at Michaels Craft Stores and Joann Fabrics you will be able to use their 40% off coupons to get these outfits even cheaper.  These outfits are on the low end of quality, but, the shoes (which are sold separate) are super cute.  They have a lot of similar outfit ideas to the actual AG collection.

Outfits range from about 10.00-30.00

There is so many creative people out there making clothing for dolls.  I would be careful buying from Etsy.  Make sure to always check recent feedback.  Overall, this is one of the largest selection of well made doll clothing. 

Most outfits range from 11.99-19.99

Super cute clothing at great prices.  You get a lot for your money with these outfits. I personally love the "Super Trendy" category that they have. Always very hip and modern.


Outfits are about 16.99

The outfits are decent quality.  Sometimes the fit is slightly off for AG dolls.  A lot of accessories usually come with these outfits.  Very trendy, usually a lot of copy-cat items.

Outfits range 16.99-21.99

Very cute clothing. Nice quality. Easy to use website.

Outifts range 6.00-9.00

Very cheap, not sure about the styles but the fit is made perfectly for AG dolls.

Outfits range from 9.00-18.99

Large selection, cute outfits.

Outfits range from 19.00-24.00

Nice prices but very cute selection of clothing.

Blogger Note:  Photos were taken by me.  Ideas and suggestions are all based on my own experience with buying items for AG dolls.  Make sure to ALWAYS pre-wash any outfit that you do not purchase directly from American Girl.  Vinyl is very porous and not all companies use dyes that are safe with AG dolls.


  1. Thank you for these suggestions. Very helpful!

    1. you look grown and you want American girl doll. I'm 8 and I got American girl doll

  2. This website is so nice! i recently got an outfit from Emily Rose and they are great! The tips are really useful and I like the giveaways! I wish I won one though. =(
    I love to come here to check out the posts.