Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm Giving Away a FREE DOLL!!!

1. Must be a subscriber to Buterflycandy (YouTube)
2. Must be 18 years old or younger (with parents permission)
3. Must submit a new video (dated past Aug. 4th)
4. Cannot use a video that you have used for other contests.
5. Must add "Buterflycandy Contest" in the title of the video.
6. Must be able to provide a USA shipping address if you win.
7. Must have your entry posted by Oct. 2nd and the winners
will be notified shortly after. 

Themes: Animals, School, or Nature
The video does not have to include dolls in it, but, it
is okay to include dolls in it if you would like :o)
Anyone under 18 can enter including those that have
won my previous contests. 
I have to approve all videos before they are posted,
so please be patient. If I find that your
video is not appropriate in anyway I have the right to
not include it in the contest.

Keep in mind that the dolls were purchased from the 
AG Benefit Sale and have never been played with.
All prizes are from AG and are brand new never used.
You can see most of these items in my opening

Have fun and good luck!!

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