Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Concerns you may have about your American Girl doll

1.  Short hairs in the wig

These hairs are very important and are suppose to be there.  They help to hide the ugly appearance of the wig lines.  This way you can part the hair and it will look nice at the parting area.

2.  One of the eyes or ears is higher than the other

Each doll's face mold is sculpted by hand—a difficult process. The dolls faces are intentionally asymmetrical, because, it makes them look more realistic, like real girls faces. 

If you are having trouble with a pair of glasses, I would just try a different style of glasses.  This usually will fix the issue.

3.  My new doll has a lot of hair falling out. 

Each doll gets a hair cut (by hand) before she is sent out to you.  The short hairs that I mention above is the reason that hairs fall out when you brush the hair for the first couple of times.  It is because those short hairs were at one time just as long as the other hair and now some of the hair is trapped into the wig.

I would only have a concern about this if large clumps of hair are falling out at once.  These are very high quality wigs and should look and feel overall very nice.

4. Skin tone is darker than on the catalog or website

Couple things to note before assuming the you have received the incorrect doll:  Bitty Baby light skin option is lighter than the light skin on the 18" dolls,  if you have a new MY AG doll she should come with a pair of brown boots.  The light skin is slightly lighter than the boots and the medium skin is a lot darker than the boots.  If the skin tone looks almost exactly the same color as the boots than it is definitely light skin.

My guess is that the photos that are taken for the website and the catalog are done in a light that is most controllable which is sunlight (5900 Kelvin).  In your home, the light would be a lot darker in most cases.  Each light in your home also has a color temperature which will distort the colors that you see as well.

5.  The eyes lids keep getting stuck

This is caused most likely by a small amount of dirt or debris getting lodged into the eye socket.  You should be able to blow hard enough to dislodge the particles that are keeping the eye from looking nice.  Blow hard on the eye area while the eye is closed and then when the eye is open.  Repeat several times until the eyes open and close nicely again.  You may also have to wiggle the eye a little bit with your finger.