Monday, May 13, 2013

Wheelchair and Crutches

Journey Girls VS American Girl
by: Tara Lynn
Journey Girls Wheelchair and Crutch Set (Purple) Available at Target for $26.99

American Girl Berry Wheelchair and Feel Better Kit Available at AG for $68.00

Let's Compare

Journey (Target) Price:  $26.99
American Girl Price:   $68.00

The Journey Girls Wheelchair and Crutch Set features:

  • Includes a wheelchair, set of crutches, leg cast, arm cast, ice pack, bandage and sheet of mini stickers
  • Wheelchair rolls, folds and has working brakes
  • Snap-shut casts fit easily on doll arms and legs
  • Stickers can be used to personalize the casts
  • Set is crafted with metal, plastic and fabric
  • Wheelchair
American Girl Wheelchair + Feel Better Kit features:
  • Plastic crutches and a fleece-lined arm cast and leg cast that fit a doll's left and right limbs
  • A stretchy wrap bandage, a finger splint, and two sheets of reusable cast stickers and bandages
  • A penguin-shaped ice pack
  • Also includes sports-injury tips for girls
  • Berry Wheelchair

Note from Blogger (Tara Lynn) American Girl sets will last a lot longer and you will probably save for a very long time.  The journey set will probably get just as much play but, probably wont stay as nice over time.  It depends on if this is a collectable purchase or just for fun and play.  I think it is a simple choice depending on the situation and need for the item. 

The Journey set would be the perfect gift to go along with a doll returning from the AG Doll Hospital.

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