Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Products

Coming Soon to American Girl

Bitty Baby Books give clues to other secrets. 

Looks like Bitty Baby will be getting a new ballet outfit, pajamas and a cute tutu outfit.  They all look super cute.  I am guessing that it will be part of the September product, but, maybe not.  I am wondering if she will be getting a new meet outfit.  Is the new meet outfit featured on one these books?
 If you look very closely on the side of the box sets you can see an image of Bitty Baby.  She is not wearing the paisley pajamas, instead she is wearing white pajamas.  It looks a lot like the pink-bow sleeper which was right before the paisley.  Personally I loved the pink bow sleeper.  I thought it was a lot like a real babies outfit and it felt like a newborn fabric.

The animals are absolutely adorable!  The blue elephant has to be my favorite.  But the purple bunny and white polar bear are also super cute.  Just from the photo you can tell they will be super soft.  I cannot wait to see these is the stores!

More Innerstar Unniversity Books look to be coming out as well.  Project Friendship, Second Chances and Animal Answers.  I love the multiple ending books.  They are very easy to read in one sitting, and every time you read it the story changes (only if you choose a different path).  I think the multiple endings is a great way to teach kids that every decision will effect their future.  

Looks like Animal Answers will help children understand different facts about animals.  I think that will be a very popular book, since, a lot of girls love animals.

 "Doll at Work" super fun activity set.  A cute pink work shirt also included.  I believe it will have the print on the front saying, "No Job is Too Small" with a cute bird.  Looks like your doll will have everything she will need to start working.

 Blogger Note: I do not own the photography found on this page.  I am only using them as reference.

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