Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Dollectible Etsy Shop!!! ~ Petites Bowtique ~

I just recently came across an Etsy shop that I think stands out from the rest.  The colors and uniqueness are a breath of fresh air.  The items are so well crafted.  I recently got a pair of the "Whitney" shoes, matching necklace and hair bow.  All are absolutely adorable and I felt the need to share my awesome find!

 Similar sets are available for $13.50

The Whitney shoes are so well made.  The design is not only a perfect fit but super easy to get on.  They couldn't be any cuter.

The matching hair bow and the necklace make this set a perfect gift for any AG fan, since, most likely they won't have such a unique item in their collection yet!


  1. I have seen these in her shop, and they really are very cute!

  2. these are really cute i'm thinking about buying one my self

  3. I love your videos you inspire each and every day to make videos and collect American girl dolls thank you each and every day